Midnight Steakout started life as a secret supper party for 14 people, held on a roof garden in Wapping.

This delicious secret has now outgrown the backyard and now regularly delights with themed, sit-down dining experiences in unusual spaces, always centered around juicy BBQ steak. We also serve vegetarians- they are delicious.  Midnight Steakout is held quarterly, always in a different secret location.

View our previous events by selecting each event in the drop down menu above or one of the links below:

Mayan End of the World Day of the Dead Midnight Steakout

Spring Fling Teen Scream American High School Prom Midnight Steakout

Japanese St Valentine’s Battle Royale Midnight Steakout >>

Midnight Steakout Christmas Extravaganza >>

Harvest Moon Midnight Steakout >>

Indian Summer Midnight Steakout >>

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