Indian Summer Midnight Steakout

Friday, 2nd September, 2011  

The Menu:

Welcome Cocktail

To Start- Chargrilled Courgettes dressed with Lemon and Olive Oil served with Parmesan shavings, accompanied by a glass of crisp, dry, white wine

The Main- Primo Argentinean Rib-Eye Steak, or Tuna Steak*, or Tofu Steak*,
cooked to perfection on a charcoal barbeque, served with fresh horseradish and sides of green beans, potato salad with love, and a fantastic glass of red wine

To Finish- Homemade Meringues with Victoria Plum Compote and Cream served with an digestif

Focaccia, Water, Coffee and Tea (and a few treats) will also be included

The Music:

The Silver Jay

The Silver Jay is the new project of Amanda Grace Johnson, along with Dave Noble, Owen Dyke and Jasper Williams. The Silver Jay has recently returned from the depths of the Norfolk countryside, where they have been recording live. A new collection of songs have been produced and are to be unveiled live, for the first time, here at MSO. The songs, mainly co-written by Amanda and Dave, are tales of love, heartbreak and redemption, honest stories that reek of wry humour, and of twisting the knife into the guts and rediscovering what makes you laugh again. Digging deep into the diamond mine you may find the precious stone. Amanda is a singer, songwriter, writer, performer, student of Humanities and English Lit at Uni of London as well as one brain-mother of Midnight Steak Out. Dave holds the seemingly unquantifiable title of ‘world’s best guitarist’, as well as being a level nine ninja, master carpenter, and an all around great guy. Owen is a bassist supreme, ex-White Rose Movement, psychedelic pioneer, saver of lives, expert wood-worker and local funny man, as well as international jet-setter. Jasper is undoubtedly the only red-headed, ex-policing drummer who rides his bike everywhere and has a predilection for psychedelia of most descriptions. Love them.


Bishi is a dazzling diva; a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, dj and the world’s only standing sitar player. Having garnered such diverse accolades as being chosen to announce the legalization of gay marriage to the Gay Pride Parade in New York this year, playing at Royal Festival Hall’s The Great Folk Jukebox, curating London’s first classical-only music nightclub, studying with Ravi Shankar in India, working with Nico Muhly and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and collaborating with London Symphony Orchestra, its best to expect big things from this beautiful and supremely talented London lady with the Bengali background.

We are happy to announce the addition of Blaine Harrison from the Mystery Jets to the bill. Blaine will be serving up some toons after dinner, deejaying for our listening and dancing pleasure; the boy can make those bootys shake.