Spring Fling Teen Scream American High School Prom Midnight Steakout:

5th May 2012


Delighted to announce that tickets for this very special edition of Midnight Steakout are now on sale!

We have a lot of fun and feasting pleasure lined up for you. Will now walk you through a virtual mind tour of the evening.

Arrive from 7.00pm wearing your prom dresses or tuxedos (non-gender specific) and enjoy Prom Punch and West Mersea and Maldon Oysters being shucked to order while we adorn you with your corsages and The Broken Heart DJs play. Under the balloon arch in this old Victorian train station you will get your prom portraits taken by Jamie D Winter and listen to a live performance by The Silver Jay.

Downstairs for dinner at 8.30, you and up to 129 of your most wonderful contemporaries will listen to a compilation of everybody’s favourite song choices whilst enjoying Samphire and Asparagus, Barbequed Lobster, Twice Baked Potatoes, Char-grilled, Rib-Eye Steak and Build-Your-Own BBQ Banana Splits. All this served by beautiful women made up like PanAm Stewardesses wearing Cheerleading Costumes and Knee Socks. Go team!

Then its back upstairs for a special visual performance while you limber up for the dance competition. The winners of the dance-off will be crowned Prom King and Prom Queen and win a special selection of prizes. This will be determined by a few song’s length group dance-off in which a few couples will be chosen for the final round. In the final round, the chosen couples will get two minutes each to wow the judges with their best moves. Whoever gets the highest score wins the crowns! The judges will be Vicki Murdoch from Silken Favours, Amber and Nisha from The Broken Hearts, and Bishi. The decisions of the judges are final. The winners of the dance off will receive: an exclusive silk item from Silken Favours, the official Prom Queen tiara and Prom King crown, respectively, and a few other treats. We will see if we can’t also get some cheesy gift certificates for something to sweeten the pot of the Prom Queen and King. Thames Cruise anyone? Or perhaps you’d prefer a day at Bournemouth Pleasure Garden?

By this time the place should be filling up with after dinner guests. We have been given the green light to invite up to 299 from 11pm till late, so feel free to invite all those fun friends. Be sure to encourage them to dress up! We have a very special musical performance lined up for you, but we must keep their identity a secret. We hope you are going to be ridiculously excited when you find out who it is!

We will listen to music and flirt, drink and dance the night away to the dee-jay sounds of Milk Très . We will admire the cross-dressing prom dresses and tuxedos of our friends, new and old. We will laugh and sing along. We will fulfil long-held yearnings of going to the Prom, brought about by too many American high school movies. Will we lose our virginity in the backseat of a limo on Prom Night?

The Menu:

Rock Oysters from Maldon and West Mersea Island, shucked to order, served with a glass of Prom Punch

Samphire and Asparagus Salad with a Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing

Lobster Tails, barbequed in the shell, served with hot Garlic Butter

Premium Rib-Eye Steaks, char-grilled to perfection on a charcoal BBQ, served with Leafy Greens and Twice-Baked Potatoes with Sour Cream

Build-Your-Own barbequed Chocolate and Banana Splits, served with all the trimmings at the table so you can make the banana split of your dreams: hot bananas, ice cream, whipped cream, fresh strawberries, maraschino cherries, caramel salted nuts, sprinkles, chocolate sauce and more…

The Chef:

Chef Nancy Campbell was born and raised in the Norfolk countryside, and her passion for food and cooking evolved from an early age. Carted around by her cook mother Sophie across England and Europe she picked up an eye, a knack and an appetite for food. After a not so inspired time at school, Nancy blossomed at college, gaining knowledge in France and America, receiving highest marks and the award for Student of the year. Leaving the flat planes of Norfolk, she set her sights on London, and after a run of unsatisfying deli kitchen jobs got the opportunity of working for Chef Theo Randal at his new restaurant in Hyde Park. Theo’s rule of letting the ingredients speak for themselves and only using the best, seasonal produce was a massive step away from the over fussy and sometimes laborious techniques of the classic French Nancy learnt at college. Food is Nancy’s big love, and she believes in treating ingredients with the thoughtfulness in which they deserve. But most of all, Nancy loves to feed people…

The Music:

The Silver Jay

The Silver Jay is the new project of Amanda Grace Johnson. Amanda recently emerged from the depths of the Norfolk countryside, where she recorded live with a band of musicians including Dave Noble, Owen Dyke and Jasper Williams. The songs are tales of love, heartbreak and redemption, honest stories that reek of wry humour, and of twisting the knife into the guts and rediscovering what makes you laugh again. Digging deep into the diamond mine you may find the precious stone. Amanda is a singer, songwriter, writer, performer, student of Humanities and English Lit at University of London as well as the brain-mother of Midnight Steak Out. The Silver Jay will be singing some new songs in campfire-style.

Milk Très

Milk Très is Rupert Clervaux, John Coxon and Simon Hill. Clervaux is producer, composer, writer, musician and high-plains drifter. Having recently disbanded the ethereal Sian Alice Group (once likened to ‘Phillip Glass doing the Cocteau Twins’) for which he was songwriter, drummer and producer, Clervaux has formed a new, soon to be unveiled project and is drumming with New Build. John Coxon is scientist, musician, producer and father. He has been guitarist in Spiritualized, label boss at Treader Records, Free Jazz pusher and now plays with About Group. Hill is singer in Fag Junkie, sometime actor and DJ, successful local business owner, green-thumbed cat lover, master of disguise, international adventurer and party boy extraordinaire. Hill has just returned from a five-week stint in Thailand where he held a residency as a Reggae DJ/ rare-animal skins trader and where he saved several kittens from drowning.

The Broken Heart DJs

Well-known for their distinctive brand of spectacular DJing, the Broken Hearts have played some of the most exclusive venues in the UK, as well as shows throughout Europe, Russia and the USA. Their eclectic sets have been described by The Independent as “a Hollywood musical on hallucinogenics”, and they have played for brands such as Selfridges, Topshop, PPQ, Vivienne Westwood and Roberto Cavalli. They write and present ‘Peppermint Candy’, a weekly swing-themed show on Jazz FM, celebrated by The Guardian as “a cool swing music show hosted by two vintage style icons that will shatter all your expectations of jazz radio.” A companion album was released through Universal Music and reached number 6 in the compilation charts. The Broken Hearts are as well known for their striking visual style as for the music they spin on dancefloors across the world.

And a very special performance by a secret guest…

The Atmosphere:

Jamie D Winter – Prom Portrait Photography

Jamie D Winter has dabbled in photography since the late eighties, firstly whilst studying art and design, and later in the fields of Archaeological and Forensic Science. Eschewing the trend for digital perfection, Jamie produces work using archaic techniques developed in the first flickers of photographic science, utilising methods such as the Cyanotype, Salt Print, and Kallitype process. When not dodging semi lethal chemicals in pitch-black rooms, Jamie enjoys sunlight and the odd stint DJing.

Jason Bacon/Project Audio- Sound

Based in London, Project Audio specialise in the hire and sales of high quality sound systems to the UK and European event industry. With many years of being at the forefront of this industry PA understand the many aspects to performing a professional sound system installation. Project Audio provide audio services for a vast number of applications from very small sound system hires to multi arena size productions.

Project Audio will provide the sound equipment and expertise through which the musical soundscape of the evening will be experienced.

Amanda Grace Johnson – The Organization

Just in case you were wondering who is crazy enough to put this on and why… Midnight Steakout was born on my roof garden in Wapping a few summers back. At the time, I myself cooked rib-eye steaks on the barbeque from Husseys Butchers for 14 friends and friends of friends. Most people had delicious fun but some asked why I bothered doing it, a question I still ask myself today, now that it has grown into the feeding of the 5000s. The only answer I have is that Midnight Steakout is a celebration of the good things in life: food, music, art, culture, people, playing, singing, dancing, laughing, drinking, dressing-up, listening, talking, loving; and that might just be what living is all about. When my life is not consumed by Midnight Steakout, I am writer and singer, student of humanities, english lit and music, and occasional dj. I am currently working on my first novel, attempting to finish my sixth album that I may never release, completing my third year at the University of London and frustratingly trying to get my stubborn brain to absorb the fundamentals of musicianship. I’ve been known to sing a few of my songs at the Midnight Steakout. I write a blog chronicling music, words and other mishaps. www.thesilverjay.com